Gala For Growth honors NU's sustainable food efforts

By Lan Nguyen Northwestern leaders in sustainability and food gathered at the Gala for Growth in the Segal Visitor's Center on Wednesday night to celebrate the university's accomplishments in sustainable food. At the event, the Humane Society of the United States presented Sodexo at Northwestern an award for providing sustainable and plant based options in dining services. Members of Real Food at NU and Northwestern Dining were also honored for their efforts in these sustainable food efforts.

At the Gala for Growth, Paul Shapiro, a representative from the Humane Society, gave a presentation about the harmful environmental effects of a meat-centric diet, and complimented the university on their efforts to provide alternative food choices.

"Meat is such a water intensive product that if we really want to be considerate of our conservation and of our climate, we need to be conscientious of our diet," Shapiro said.

The Humane Society and NU Dining have also helped implement plant-based cooking demonstrations this week in honor of Food Week 2015. Food Week, organized by Real Food at NU, consists of a series of events that promote sustainable diets. For other Food Week events, check out In Our Nature's Food Week Preview.

Guests at the gala got to enjoy a taste of the sustainable, plant-based foods that the university was awarded for, with vegan catering from Sodexo.


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