Western Voices

By Eric Lombardo
"I had a long career working in software and developing video games. But I always loved the outdoors, and a few years back I started getting involved in mountaineering. I’ve been up Makalu, Everest, a lot of the biggest. Those Himalayan expeditions were impactful, course correcting. They helped me make the decision to sell my software company and work on creating an app which lets users map and track all their outdoor activities. Work is a lot of fun now, it’s something I care about. It was the biggest mountains that made me pay more attention to the smallest things in my life."
Trail headed down into Mill Creek Canyon, Wasatch National Forest, Utah
 Western Voices is a weekly photo project conducted by Eric Lombardo, a Northwestern senior, and project partner Alex Lochoff. For more information about the project, read the introduction here  or contact me at ericlombardo@u.northwestern.edu.

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