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The Womyn of Earth

What is the relationship between women and the natural world? Is there a connection between the exploitation and degradation of the environment and the subordination and oppression of women? In her fascinating article, Emma Belanger explores the intersections between gender and ecology, and what it means to be a female environmentalist today.

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“The encyclopedia Britannica/ Defines a cataract as containing large volumes of water/ Rushing over a precipice/ If something so characterized/ By transition can be said/ To contain anything.” Emily Jahn’s latest edition of Atmosphere gets deep into the meaning of ‘cataract’, including a beautiful and flowing description of the medical condition that might even rival the flow of one of these waterfalls. Read more here.

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Nature Withdrawals: The Link between Nature and Mental Health

Living in Chicagoland and submerged in the world of constant college activities, the great outdoors seem pretty far removed. Especially now, when leaving the building means exposure to numbing temps and piercing winds. However, exposure to nature—even just looking at it!—could have positive affects on your mental health, productivity and more. Read more in Emily Jahn’s Ecopinion.

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