Western Voices


By Eric Lombardo J

"There is something healing about nature. Healing in an emotional, spiritual, and physical way. I am from Haiti and came here for work, and I’d never been hiking or felt that healing until I got to Utah. Now we try to go out here all the time.J

He’s is helping me train to hike Kilimanjaro, but even these hikes are amazing. I mean, look at the city out there … We need to hurry though, he’s got to get to work. We’ve only got until 1."
Overlooking Salt Lake City and the Oquirrh Mountains from near the summit of Mount Olympus, Utah
 Western Voices is a weekly photo project conducted by Eric Lombardo, a Northwestern senior, and project partner Alex Lochoff. For more information about the project, read the introduction here  or contact me at ericlombardo@u.northwestern.edu.

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