Transform Your Trash: Bobby Pin Holder


by Aditi Bhandari Turn things that would go into your trashcan into something you can use again.

Always losing your bobby pins? Ingested a whole box of mints in anticipation of a New Years kiss? Still finding scraps of decorative paper from your frantic gift wrapping/unwrapping sessions? Here’s a quick remedy to all of your problems; a nifty little bobby pin case that’ll guarantee you’ll never lose your hairpins again.

You will need:

1 (1)

- An empty Tic Tac box

- Leftover scraps of gift wrapping paper

- Tape

- Magnet tape

- Scissors



Step 1: Stick the magnet tape on the side of the Tic Tac box.









Step 2: Neatly wrap the leftover wrapping paper around the Tic Tac box, making sure not to obstruct the lid.

3 (1)








Time taken: 10 minutes

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