Hippies of NU: Reflections on Nature


by Olga Gonzalez The Earth is our home. The place where we live our happiest moments and also the moments we might want to forget. Mother Nature sees us though everything and it is important we appreciate her in her splendor. Whether it is the trees in the changing seasons or the raindrops falling on our heads, we all have something we love about nature. To remind people of their love for the Earth, we asked the Northwestern community to tell us about their favorite part of Mother Nature.


[quote]“I really do like rain. Today is a cold day for rain, but I like rain.” – Sophie Bartolotta, NU student. [/quote]


[quote]“It is always changing. Yeah like nothing stays the same. So if you wait long enough, something is always different. Things grow or rivers do things.” – Chris de Kok, NU Alumni Association[/quote]


[quote]“All the joy we get from colorful things.” – Amanda Sloan, NU Alumni Relations and Development[/quote]


[quote]“I really like trees. They are like sea monsters coming out of the ground.” – Adam Morabito, NU student[/quote]


[quote]“It is hard to say one thing. My favorite thing about the earth is her majesty. Her beauty, majesty and kindness.” – Colleen Cannon, NU alum[/quote]


[quote]“It’s always like really calming and tranquil. When you go to a place where man hasn’t touched it, it is always like very peaceful and very reflective. Makes you question a lot of things about yourself. But if nature wasn’t there you wouldn’t be able to be with yourself and reflect upon the world.” – Alicia Zheng, NU student[/quote]

7AlexKeller[quote] “I think just the serenity of it. When you are in a place where it is just you and nature and all you see is green. Just the serenity you feel and the peace you feel inside.” - Alex Keller, NU student[/quote]


[quote]“It is really beautiful because I came from Dubai which doesn’t really have any of that. It is just mainly sand and buildings. So here it is really nice where you get to see the water, you get to see the grass all the time and the leaves.” – Parth Rajwade, NU student[/quote]


[quote]“The diversity of experience. I can go skiing in the winter and go to the beach in the summer and it is a completely different world but like equally beautiful.” - Chris Gilligan, NU student[/quote]

Go out, explore and find your favorite thing about the earth! What's your favorite thing about the earth? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments below!

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