Guide to Gifting Green in 2015


by Avery Goods  

As the Grinch Who Stole Christmas taught us, giving results in our hearts feeling big, warm and fuzzy. Except our minds might become a bit troubled by the environmental impact of the things we give. Keep your conscious guilt free this holiday season with the following gifts for all kinds of people in your life.

For the one who never gets off of their phone: Solar Powered Phone Chargers

solar charger

Constant phone use requires a lot of energy. These little solar panels allow the phone to run on energy form clean sources, and can be used anywhere there’s light. Finally, your friend won’t always be glued to the nearest outlet. A wide array of these chargers at different price points can be found on Amazon.

For your long list of Starbucks Lovers: Reusable Tumblers

starbucks tumbler

People who drink a lot of Starbucks are wasting a lot of paper cups. Save a little paper and save your friend 10 cents a drink by getting them a traveling tumbler they can rinse out and reuse again and again. Additionally, most other places that serve coffee will also fill up reusable tumblers for a discount, regardless of the brand on the tumbler.

For the germaphobe: Phone Soap

phone soap

Phone Soap actually doesn’t use any soap at all. This device uses UV light to get rid of all of the harmful bacteria lurking on the surface of your phone. Why use harmful cleaning chemicals when you can just use light? Bonus: Phone Soap can be used for other small objects like keys and wallets as well.

For the one who is always cold: A Fuzzy Blanket

fuzzy blankets

On cold winter days, there is nothing cozier to wrap oneself in than a fuzzy blanket. These blankets are super soft, super warm, and will keep your friend from cranking the heat and burning up more energy.

For someone in need of an at home spa day: LUSH Products


We’ve all seen the pictures of LUSH bath bombs in action, but did you know that LUSH also makes everything from face masks, to shaving gel, to perfume, to makeup pigments? There’s something for everyone at LUSH. All of these products are handmade, fresh, cruelty free, and stored in recycled containers. The best part? You can collect empty LUSH containers and exchange them for free products.

For someone who is always sick: Bamboo Charcoal

bamboo charcoal

Bamboo Charcoal acts as an air purifier, removing the toxins that can cause constant congestion from the air. These bamboo charcoal filled burlap bags also act as an air freshener, keeping odors at bay. The charcoal lasts for up to two years, and can eventually be recycled into gardens.

For the yogi: Jade Yoga Mats

jade yoga mats

Jade makes their yoga mats out of all natural rubber, keeping their product both eco-friendly and less slippery. For every mat sold, Jade also promises to plant a new tree. Other yoga related and eco-friendly products beyond mats can be found on their website.

For the gracious party host: Compostable Cups

compostable cups

Why use red solo cups when you can use cups that are completely bio-degradable? These plastic cups will ensure that the next party has less of an impact on the environment.

For the candle lover: Pacifica Candles

pacifica candles

These soy candles burn longer and cleaner than traditional candles, are completely vegan and cruelty free, and smell fantastic. Pacifica makes all kinds of scents to select from.

For the foodie: Reusable Snack Bags

reusable bags

These reusable bags are BPA free, and can be used in the place of hundreds of plastic Ziploc bags. With a quick wash, these colorful bags can be used again and again.

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