Green Beat: Untitled


By Moriah Lavey

Author's Note: This poem attempts to take a critical look at the relationship we have created with our Mother, Nature. It is a reminder to act with love and compassion.

"Shall I not have intelligence with the earth?

Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mould myself?" - Henry David Thoreau

She gives us a home in Her sweet, lush orifice

We develop with Her

Love with Her

She smiles upon us.

And with Eli Whitney we begin to fondle her breast,

Testing out Her waters.

She is giving

She wants us to thrive

Despite Her discomfort.

Somewhere between the railroads and Rockefeller

We lose ourselves

In the utility of our Mother

So we slide our hand under Her pants,

Desperate to grow a made up concept.

Economy means nothing to Her,

But She takes care of Her children.

She cries, yet we continue to take advantage

Thinking that the more of Her we take, the happier we become.

How false.

She writhes under our forceful touch

Reaching a breaking point

Yet we surge forward.

Filling Her every empty hole with greed.

We rape and pillage Her beautiful body

Lost in wrongful anthropocentrism.

How much longer can we stand to abuse Her?

She cannot take any more.

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