Green Beat: Cosmo(logic)

By Moriah Lavey
Author's Note: This poem may seem complicated, and it is, but it aims to take the reader through a brief movement through the entirety of existence (as we know it) and incorporate that long line of cause and effect into the issues that we are facing today with the environment. It begs each individual to relate to the beauty in all that there has ever been and allow that to inspire hope, optimism, and action.
If a phase transition sparked cosmic expansion,
we are here.
If matter triumphed in the millisecond battle with antimatter,
we exist.
If gravity gained its infinitely binding threshold,
we are limited.
If celestial phenomena ignited the subzero sky in flaming inferno,
we are stars.
If Sun wished a mass of rocks be warm,
we are home.
If vast oceans, mountains, rivers, and valleys surround,
we are earth.
If Luna, pulled in close by embrace, makes his monthly rounds,
we are safe.
If the deliberate cultivation of fertile fields fostered civilization,
we are innovation.
If in midair Ezekiel saw the wheel,
we are creation.
If Venus emerged on a seashell throne with the secrets of the universe in the
wave of her hair,
we are believers.
If Columbus sailed the blue in 92,
we are oppressors.
If CO2 is eating atmosphere as a maggot would cadaver,
and half of species forfeited.
If sea levels surge 3 feet as lemmings off a cliff,
and deserts creep, swallow the last of arable land,
We become Hope
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