Go Ahead and Look Like Trash This Halloween: 5 Green Costume Ideas


By Allison Ledwon Hallo-weekend is rapidly approaching.  You desperately need a costume.  Here are five easy costume eco-friendly costumes you can make with things you may have around your apartment or room.

1. For the Craft-Capable College Student: The Pop Bottle JetPack13933194990_ff1d2e3775_b

All you need for this costume is an old two-liter p op bottle, silver paint, some paper, markers, tape or glue and string.  

1. Remove the labels from the bottles and then paint them using the paint.  

2. Draw out some flames. Be eco-friendly. Use some old paper that you would be recycling anyway rather than fresh sheets. (The syllabus from the class you just dropped before the deadline may be a good option!)

3. Cut out the flames and attach them to the mouth of the bottle either using tape or glue.  

4. Attach the string to make holes for your arms and you’re all set.  

EXTRA: If you’re feeling extra crafty, make two and you can have an even cooler pack.  Now you can be anyone with a jetpack: Jimmy Neutron, that girl from Spy Kids...the possibilities are endless!

2. The Partner Pair: Washing Machine and Dryer




So we all know someone who still has large packing boxes in their room from move-in.  (Maybe it’s just us).  But for this one, you just need a box, some white paint, some paper and those extraneous socks left over from the sock monster’s escapades during last week’s laundry.  

1. Paint the boxes white and cut a hole in the bottom of the box for your head.

2.  On the washer, cut out a paper circle and draw some bubbles and water on it.  

3. On the paper circle for the dryer, draw socks and other clothes.

4.  The extra socks can be taped or glued to the top (formerly the bottom) of the box for extra detail.  

Bonus points if you are high efficiency.  Grab your bestie and go!

3. The One Who Thinks Outside the Box: Bubble Wrap



Okay so you don’t have any boxes.  If you or someone who know has a plethora of single use water bottles A) ask them for all their used water bottles and B) you should encourage them to purchase a reusable water bottle.

 1. Take scissors and carefully cut the bottom of the water bottles off so you have lots of bowl-like circles.  2. Glue them to a white t-shirt in straight lines and ta-da!

3. You’re bubble wrap.  So inventive.

4. The Pun-ny Person: Fork in the Road


As long as you have yellow sticky notes, a fork, tape and black clothing, you have a costume.  

1. Tape the sticky notes to your clothing in a dashed line, similar to what you will see on a road.  To be more eco-friendly, you can use old notes that you no longer need and simply tape the pieces written side down.  

2. Tape on the fork in the middle of the line.  A lot of people probably won’t get the joke, but you do, and that’s all that matters.

5. For the Minimal-Effort Master Trash



Are you self-deprecating as h*ck? Here’s your costume! You can be trash.  

1. Take a bunch of your Easy Mac cups, granola bar wrappers, paper and plastic bottles out of your trash and recycling bins.  

2. Wash out what you can, like the bottles or plastic cups, so you aren’t covering yourself in a few-day-old fake cheese remnants or sticky things.  

3. Tape them onto a black t-shirt and you’re done!


Have fun and get ~funky~!


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