Transform Your Trash: Glitter Stress Jar


by Aditi Bhandari Turn things that would go into your trashcan into something you can use again.

If there’s one thing that all Northwestern students should know, it’s how to deal with stress. We all have different ways to cope with it, but many people seem to be more focused on talking about their workload than on trying to balance it out. It doesn’t help that most of our free time is broken into short chunks between classes and meetings; 25 minutes just isn’t enough to read a chapter or outline a paper. I used to find myself stressing out about how to make these few minutes more productive, but lately I’ve realized that it’s easier to use these breaks as breathing periods to give my brain some resting time.

It was during one of these short breaks that I made this glitter stress jar. If you’re ever feeling stressed out all you need to do is shake one of these up and then just watch the glitter swirl around inside, until it all settles. It gives your mind something simple to focus on, and by the time all the glitter has settled you’ve probably been sitting in one place long enough to have calmed down a bit. Follow this easy tutorial to make your own stress jar, and hopefully it’ll help you out too!

You will need:

gif 1

-An empty glass bottle or jar

-Glitter, fine and coarse


-Glitter glue

-Hot water



Step 1: Pour about 2 cups of hot water into the bottle and squeeze at least one tablespoon (one tube) of glitter glue into the bottle.

gif 2

Stir until it has dissolved into the water.

gif 3


Step 2: Pour enough fine glitter to make an inch-thick layer.

gif 4






Step 3: Add a smaller amount of coarse glitter, some sequins and stir.

gif 5






Step 4: Fill the bottle with water, leaving about an inch of space from the top for shaking room.

Step 5: Shake the bottle and set it down on a flat surface. Focus on watching the glitter as it settles. Relax.

gif 6











Time taken: 15 minutes


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