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ION Goes to Sweet Saturday

How do cacao pods become the smooth and sweet chocolate that we adore? What the heck is molasses? If agave is a succulent, why does it produce agave nectar? We’re pretty far removed from the plants that our food comes from today, especially in Chicago in winter. A couple weekends ago, ION members trekked to Garfield Conservatory to rekindle their understanding of the process from plants to food. Read more in Carlyn’s article.

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A Guide to Casting an Environmentally Conscious Ballot in Evanston

Environmental issues seem to have been put on the back-burner this election. They are just as if not more relevant this race, however, especially with the open position of Water District Commissioner. Marleigh Thorn has the scoop—a succinct and informative summary of the environmental policies of politicians this midterm. Don’t forget to hit the polls this November 6 and cast your informed ballot.

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