Photoblog: A Walk on the Frozen Lakefill

by Olga Gonzalez-Latapi Part Winter Wonderland, part ice and slush, this winter the lakefill has become a bite-sized arctic in our backyard. Although predominantly white, color still comes through thanks to the sharks, smiley faces and messages of love on the rocks. The paleness of the snow, however, is compensated by the natural ice sculptures all along the lake-fill. The road, covered in what looks like broken glass, brings some texture to this simple walk. The trees are covered in frozen rain like caves of icicles, and weeds along the lakefill are now beautiful crystals.

It is really a shame that more people are not taking the time to visit the lakefill. With only a ten-minute walk, I felt completely recovered and relaxed from a tough week. Here is a look at what many are missing because of midterms, homework or just lack of time. I encourage you to take a quick walk (or run) around the lakefill. Just make sure to not fall in the water; the point is to relax, not freeze! Take a few moments to relax this weekend and let our own personal tundra bring you energy for the following week.



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