Green Beat: A Look Into My Crystal Ball 


Author's note: I don't really think that this one needs an author's note!

Editor's note: *mic drop*


"We are dancing flames committed to conquering darkness and to challenging those who threaten

the planet and the magic and mystery of life."

In the future I see pain, Earth shattering loss, Irrevocable change. Lives, species, infrastructure gone.

As oceans surge, Storms gain strength with less protection, Bring destruction and unpredictability in their wakes.

As temperatures fluctuate, Natural balance is thrown off, Mass migrations disrupted by our ignorance.

As disease will thrive, Innocent will die, What can we do?

I am intent on exploring, Loving, cherishing Our Mother in all She is. Giving Her the love and light She deserves Following centuries of neglect.

I am intent on showing others the endless potential in this world and unifying, Dispelling darkness with lovingkindness, Destroying imaginary lines marking imaginary places.

Creating communities built on compassion Not oppression and selfishness. Laws governed by Nature, Not by those in Forbes, in touch with greed and cash, Out of touch with reality.

Those enlightened have been awoken To the wrongness of society To the lives stolen and lost Onto whose backs we have built this Dream. And those will not rest until the paradigm is shifted.

In the future I see hope, Humanity rising to the challenge. Our house is literally aflame, Interconnection and acceptance must prevail.

Do not fear, act. Another world is not only possible, It is on the way. On a quiet day, I can hear it breathing.