Thousands Unite in Chicago’s 2017 People’s Climate March

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors: A Photostory of Garfield Conservatory

May 3, 2017 Comments Off on Western Voices All Other Stories, Features

Western Voices

By Eric Lombardo
“I woke up this morning feeling a bit meh, and figured it was about time to get those nature antidepressants on. You know, coming from Oklahoma there’s not much out there. My first year here I realized how blessed I was, being able to wake up and come outside to this whenever I wanted. So I try and get out here when I feel like I need it.
Woods through Echo Lake Park along Chicago Creek, Arapaho National Forest, Colorado
 Western Voices is a weekly photo project conducted by Eric Lombardo, a Northwestern senior, and project partner Alex Lochoff. For more information about the project, read the introduction here  or contact me at
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