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Transform Your Trash: Extreme Home Makeover – Bird House Edition

by Aditi Bhandari

RRR Scale:
Every week, I’ll be using an RRR scale – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – that I created to estimate how environmentally friendly the project is, based on whether the materials used are recycled materials and how well the final project can be recycled.
RRR scale: 10/10

Turn things that would go into your trashcan into something you can use again.

It’s common knowledge that with April showers come puddles, allergies and 24/7 cloudiness. There are few things worse than getting caught in the rain with no cover, and while us humans can take shelter in the many buildings on campus, wildlife creatures often have to look somewhere else. Because so many of these animals are babies, not all of them are even ready to live independently yet, and still rely on their mothers to show them the ropes.

This is where we come in. Making the occasional birdhouse during what seems to be a rainy week can give temporary shelter to any species of small wildlife. Pop some seeds and peanut butter in there, and you’ve got yourself a birdfeeder! This birdhouse is extremely simple to make, and its perches and hollow body makes it perfect for animals of all types.

You will need:

1-2 -Plastic milk jug

-Scissors or cutting blade

-Twigs or bamboo sticks

-Boot shoelaces




Step 1: Take a clean milk jug and cut out two holes on the sides.

2.1 2.2 2.3


Step 2: Mark two small dots on the bottom of the jug in opposite corners, and make two corresponding dots on the top of the jug.


Step 3: Using the tip of the cutting blade, make holes where the dots are big enough for the shoelace to pass through it.

4-2 5-2


Step 4: Make two holes on towards the bottom of each side of the milk jug and stick the bamboo through them, making perches for the birds. This step is similar to steps two and three.


Time taken: 60 minutes

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