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April 29, 2015 Comments Off on Interactive: Northwestern Tree Map All Other Stories, Features

Interactive: Northwestern Tree Map


A fir tree in front of Deering Library. Photo by Hannah Urrutia

By Jamie Leventhal

As the leaves begin to poke their green heads out of buds, Northwestern students and Evanston community members took a nature hike on Sunday to learn about the campus’s diverse tree population.

Four members of Northwestern’s Facility Management crew led a group of about 30 participants on a tour around south and mid campus on a blustery morning, pointing out maples, willows, and their personal favorites. The crowd was enthusiastic, asking questions about soil quality tree diseases, and more.

As the hike snaked around University Hall and past the library, participants learned about over 40 types of trees and heard interesting stories about their donators, damages from past storms and unique properties of different fauna.

While the tour only lasted an hour and a half, hikers got a much better perspective of Northwestern’s tree community. If you missed the tour but want to learn more about the trees we share campus with, check out the interactive map below!

Interactive map by Aditi Bhandari, photos by Hannah Urrutia














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